Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Books or Movies? You choose.

     The Giver is a great book, with twists throughout the pages, however I believe the movie is better. The movie is better because it has lots more action, visuals, and confirmation in the end. Because of those reasons, I believe you should watch the movie BEFORE you read the book.
     The first reason the movie is better than the book is because the movie has way more action than the book. Unlike in the book, the action in the movie is around every corner. In the book, action only comes every once in awhile, and I myself am a straight forward kind of guy. Also, the action in the book is very subtle. There is SOME suspense in the book, but the suspense in the movie is greater than it could ever be in the book. I know everyone likes a good action book, but I wouldn't suggest The Giver, but I do suggest the movie if you are into major action jam packed awesomeness!
     The second reason that the movie is better than the book is because of the visuals. You might already know this, but The Giver is not a picture book. Like I am a straight forward guy, I am also a visual kind of guy. I personally like to see what is happening where it is happening, why it is happening, and how it is happening. But, maybe you aren't that much of a visual kind of girl/guy, well you are in luck! You can close your eyes and just listen to high quality audio job on the movie.
     The third and final reason that you should watch the movie instead of read the book is because there is confirmation of what happens in the end. (SPOILER ALERT) At the end of book, it just ends. We don't know what happened to Jonas or little Gabe! Sure, you could just read the other four books, but who would want to do that?! In the movie, you get straight forward ending. Jonas finds a sled, he slides down a hill. Then the memories get released (lol) to the community. Jonas looks like he is about to die, but he sees a cabin in the distance and walks toward it. Boom, movie ends. That is way more closure than the book gave us!
     Sure, The Giver is a great book, but I am confident the movie is better! The movie is better because, it has way more action, you can really get a feel for what is going on, and you really get closure in the end. I would definitely recommend The Giver (book and movie (though I like the movie better)).You may be more of a book guy, and I am fine with that, but The Giver Movie isn't something you want to miss!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Super Memories?

This short story is about people with "super memories" that can remember anything from birth. I personally think this is pretty cool, and I really want a super memory too. I wonder how it feels to remember anything from anytime.

Lazy Future?

Mr. Mead is the "odd" one out in a future where everyone stays inside and watches TVs. I think this is kind of like WALL-E with the futuristic setting and fat lazy people. I still wonder why people write about futures like this, and how they come up with the idea.


Jonas hears music for the first time! I think this world sucks for anyone who is in it, who are want to get rid of music?! I wonder if there were people waiting for him and the music wasn't just an echo.

Woah, Birds!

Jonas sees birds and mountains for the first time! I think this is super sucky for Jonas because of his sprained ankle and the fact he hasn't seen mountains or birds before (in real life). I wonder if Jonas will make it up the hill.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Where Did My Arm Go?

Jonas takes on some of The Givers pain, he ends up in a battlefield (with his arm missing). I think this would really SUCK for Jonas because, you know, who would want their arm gone?! I wonder how much pain Jonas really felt while going through this memory.

Knowing Color

Jonas starts to learn all the colors of the rainbow, later, he wants to know why The Giver is in so much pain. I think this would be cool for Jonas, he is beginning to experience all new things. I wonder how Jonas felt while learning the colors.