Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Life of a Medieval Baliff

“WAIT! Stop! You are going to kill hi— ”.


Arthur, the town’s bailiff, enjoyed his time at the local inn, drinking cold ale. His job wasn’t very hard, since the town has always been peaceful. However, he didn’t know it, but that would soon change.
The inn was quiet, a nice place to take a break every once and awhile from walking around all day to collect taxes and helping with cottage fixes. The look of the inn didn’t help attract many patrons. The walls were missing wood planks, the tables were covered with barf (from the drunks). And the ale tasted as if someone had filled it halfway with water. He wished there would be someone to come to the inn, so he could have an exchange with them.
“I must leave soon, Ma’am, it is beginning to become dark.” Said Arthur to the inn keeper. But still, Arthur wasn’t afraid, a girl from a neighboring town, Alyce, had taught him that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark. He learned gradually each day, and he soon found out that it wasn’t as bad as everyone had told him as a child. But Alyce did not just teach him, she taught the whole town, but that didn’t help much. Some nights, drunks from the inn would start a late night brawl outside. In which Arthur would have to “break” up the fight. One night, a drunk was pushed into the side of his house and through his window (which at the time, was not covered). His wife, Janus, was scared out of her wits. After that, Arthur stayed late at night at the inn to make sure nothing of that sort would happen again.
Arthur decided to take a break, and soon dozed off at his table. Arthur didn’t realize that he had fallen asleep, until someone was laying ontop of him. He was a chubby man
He looks like he drinks too much ale, Arthur Thought. “Excuse me, sir!” Exclaimed Arthur. “I think you are on my legs!”
“Am I?” Questioned the man.
“So sorry, please forgive me.” He arose from his newfound bed, and strolled over to the innkeeper. “Hey!” He said. “Get up!”
“Me?” Said the man. The chubby man drove his fist into his face, knocking a tooth or two out. Arthur, just realizing what happened, got out of his seat and pulled out his made (that was made from the finest of metals).
“Sir,” Arthur said quietly, “please leave him alone.”
“No thank you,” he said, and took a swing at Arthur. Arthur, used to the usual bar fights, dodged his punch easily. The man went right past him and fell onto the table behind Arthur. The chubby man climbed back onto his feet, and dragged the unconscious innkeeper outside of the inn.
He couldn’t be. Arthur thought to himself. He is…
Arthur jumped out his seat, knife in hand, ran outside. The innkeeper had waken up, and Edwin had him at knife point.
“Where do you keep the money!?” Edwin exclaimed.
“I— I—” Stuttered the innkeeper.
“No time for that!” Edwin slashed his knife across the innkeeper's face
“WAIT! Stop! You are going to kill hi—.” Edwin rammed into Arthur throwing into the river behind. Like everyone in the town, Arthur could not swim. As the river carried him deeper into the woods, Arthur struggled to keep his head above the water. He saw a tree branch hanging down from a nearby fir. Arthur reached for the branch, but to no avail, the branch snapped. Arthur, once again, fell into the water. But luck struck sooner than he expected. He didn’t realize that the tree branch had been caught between two rocks. He grabbed onto the branch again, and this time it held. He climbed onto the rock and jumped onto land. He sprinted back the inn, hoping it wasn’t too late.
Once he returned to the inn he found the innkeeper laying motionless on the ground. He saw Edwin running into the distance carrying a bag. Arthur had heard the stories of the notorious Edwin before. He robs his victims then kills them on the spot. Arthur ran after Edwin, gaining speed after every step. He didn’t want this monster to escape so he could kill more innocent people. Arthur tripped on a rock, but that didn’t stop him. He finally caught up to Edwin and tackled him. Arthur drove his blade into his leg so he couldn’t run any further. Arthur reached for a rope on the ground and tied Edwins hands behind his back.
Edwin was taken to a jail in a nearby town later that
day. Arthur, tired from the ordeal, walked back to his cottage, where his wife was waiting for him.


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