Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Blast From The Past

Ryan Dostalek
Period 5
A Blast From The Past

    I sent an email to my grandma (I sometimes call her Nana). “I am doing thing for my English class, and I have to interview someone who is over 63 years old. I will ask 5 questions and if you can, answer them with as much detail as possible.” At the time, I was in my bathroom on Thursday March Third. It was around seven o'clock and I was thinking to myself; Crap! This draft is due tomorrow! So I cobbled up an email as fast as I could and sent it to her. I waited almost an hour. After no response, I called her home phone. Here’s is the conversation:
“Hey There!”
“Hey, it's Ryan.”
“It’s Ryan?”
“Yeah, I sent an email to you—”
“Yeah! I got it, I am almost done answering the questions! Hey, this has been fun.”
    It sounded like she was happy to be answering my questions. However, I still wondered why it was taking her so long to send me a response.
In the meantime, let’s talk about her physical appearance. She has white-grey hair (like most older people). She used to wear a wig since her hair was so short (I don’t know why). She always has a happy-go-lucky attitude. Her voice is a little scratchy, but usually she sounds like a typical old lady. She is 72 years at the moment. After waiting for almost an hour, I finally got a response from my grandma. I looked at her answers, and my mouth dropped. I didn’t think she would answer with that much detail. I was wrong. Here are my questions, and here responses (Follow-ups are included in answer):

Q: What kinds of clothes, hobbies, slang terms were popular when you were a teenager?

A: Girls wore skirts to school (no pants or shorts), & white buck shoes were popular--also pointed toe shoes for girls. Boys wore jeans with the cuffs rolled up.  Hobbies included stamps & coins.  We watched "Crusader Rabbit" & Dragnet on TV.  My family didn't have TV until I was about 12 years old.  Black & White TV was the norm, & when color TV was first introduced, the screen was blue in the top, red in the middle & green on the bottom.  Some of the slang terms that I remember were:  making-out (kissing), hubba-hubba (you look good), rad (that meant good).   Ice cream cones at Thrifty costs 5 cents for a single scoop.

Q: What is your earliest childhood memory?

A: My earliest childhood memory was in kindergarten.  We sat in circular tables & the boy seated next to me would stick his hand in his mouth & then rub his hand over the table.  I was so afraid that he would get his spit on my side of the table.

Q: What was school like for you as a child? What were your best and worst subjects?

A: School was fun for me.  I didn't have any worst subjects, I enjoyed every one of them & did well in all of them.

Follow Up of Above Q: Where did you attend grade school? High school? College?

A: I attended grade school, high school, & college in Sacramento, CA.  Girls didn't participate in many sports back then.  We were considered a "jock" if we did.

Q: How were holidays (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) celebrated in your family? Did your family have special traditions?

A: I remembered one birthday (don't know how old that I was), & I had a few friends there.  My Mom had made a cake with raisins, which I guess I didn't like, because I cried & went to my room.  Don't know what happened to my friends.  Most birthdays were small events.  We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, & had cake--that was about it.  Christmas was celebrated on Christmas Eve, with family at our house.  I would wake up on Christmas Day & find a new doll in the little chair that I had left out by the tree.  My sister & I would decorate our Christmas tree with tinsel & ornaments every year & we would always walk down a street nearby us in Sacramento that would have an outdoor display.  They called it Christmas Tree Lane.  On Easter we always went to church & had new clothes.

Q: What has been your favorite place to visit or travel to as an adult? What did you do there that I should do if I go visit?

A: I really enjoy the high desert (like in Arizona) & the redwoods.  The desert--I like because of the solitude, the spring flowers & the changing color of the hills (depending on the time of day).  The redwoods, like in Humboldt County, I like because of the grandeur of the trees, the solitude, & the many hiking trails.  I would recommend hiking in both of those nearby areas.

After reading her answers, I realized that life back then wasn’t much different from life today (besides that lack of electronic devices). The answers didn’t surprise me that much, I kind of expected the answers she gave (since I know her so well). Something that surprised me was the cost of an ice cream cone. I knew the prices were low, but not that low. Ice cream cones today can cost up to five dollars (depending on the store)! In conclusion, I will always respect my grandma. She is always so nice to everyone (even if they don’t mean well), and she is always working hard with whatever she does. I love my grandma.

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